Ransomware Protection

Things to do to protect from ransomware:

  • Backup

    1. Have multiple copies of backups. Local and online. Password protect backup on NAS
    2. Have shadow copies setup on servers. Not effective if server is hit directly but can help if shared folder on server is encrypted from workstation
  • Staff training

    1. Train staff not to open email and attachments from unknown users
    2. Staff should not open any attachments that are unusual
  • Antivirus

    1. Have an updated next gen anti-virus that checks what programs do, not just signatures.
  • Patching

    1. Keep windows and any other programs, ie acrobat reader, java, flash, fully updated to fix security vulnerabilities.
  • Firewalls

    1. Lock down firewalls to close any open ports that are not used.
  • Remote access

    1. Limit remote access to server and workstations. Make sure any users that need remote access have strong passwords. If terminal services are used connect through VPN or have secure connections.